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In Other News, a Netflix Member Abuses Review Privileges in Favor of Bigotry

Earlier this evening, in a sad attempt to avoid my schoolwork, I lazily browsed Netlix looking for new titles. I paused when I came across a review for a short-lived tv series, NYC 22. Having never seen the show, I did a quick internet search and learned it was a yet another show about a diverse group of individuals trying to provide order to the streets of NYC as rookie cops. However, the premise of the show wasn’t what struck me.

It was this “review” from a Netflix user:

I guess I expect too much. There just seems to be mediocre talent today. Acting and writing is just so-so. Networks take of really great, creative, interesting shows and put on crap. I don’t get it. Gone is the day of really good entertainment. It may not be very pc, but I am tired of the white guy going after the black woman or the black guy going after the white woman. I don’t think I am racist, but I just don’t like the entertaiment industry creating societal norms. I just don’t agree with cross racial romantic relationships and quite frankly I don’t think I am alone.

This “review” starts out with a mostly reasonable criticism of a show. I have to agree that Hollywood often lacks imagination and is too slow to take risks, instead relying on played out cliches and stories that have been told a dozen times. But then, the comments take a sharp turn towards bigotry. The user goes on to lament about the show portrays interracial coupling, much to this user’s distaste.

Here, I am struggling with the term “I don’t agree with.” All this means to me is that I have a deeply irrational hatred of interracial couples and probably people of color by extension. I am having trouble understanding interracial relationships as something to be “agreed” with. Contrary to the centuries of debunked bullshit science and laughable assertions, people of color aren’t animals and interracial relationships between people of color and white people isn’t the same as bestiality, so one can’t disagree with humans copulating with other humans.

I find it troubling that this Netflix member tries to rationalize his or her beliefs by referring to them as non-pc instead of what they really are: racist. At the end of the “review,” the user also tries to gain support from anyone who might agree by claiming that he or she is not alone in this thinking. I am not naive enough to believe that this person is alone. Just saddened that he or she isn’t.


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