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chocolate city is changing

Mayor Gray’s 2013 State of the District, which I watched from the balcony of 6th and I alongside probably the most diverse crowd I’ve ever been in, despite my hopes, really rubbed me the wrong way. (The Root agrees).

Here’s what he thought pertinent to address (all of this, excepting that the $100 million to affordable housing is great if he’ll actually do it)

-Cell Phone Theft on the metro as an area of concern. HARD LIFE

-Metaphors to sports teams. Were you trying to be funny? I’m sorry. No.

– MoveDC- the plan to make DC more bike friendly. Umm, how about you take care of metro and its shittiness first. (

-Bringing more jobs to DC. Umm, most of these jobs are for well-educate white folks. Not for the folks east of the Anacostia who you are claiming to help.

Here’s what he didn’t think pertinent to address.

Raging income inequality. We’re #3 in the nation. How’s that for “major league city”?

The fact that people need a lawyer or below freezing temps to get into a shelter.

The 600 kids in DC general., the city’s sorry excuse for a giant homeless shelter. The place apparently has rats. Fun times.

The Uneven Spread of Urban Poverty- from the Atlantic Cities


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