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I’m not gonna lie

This article appealed to me because it says “no Teach for America recruits toil in their halls”. That’s right, they can turn themselves around without your ivy league idealism.

I wish he had gone into a little more depth about what exactly spurred this transformation, how bilingualism is helping students and if that’s universally something to push for in ethnically diverse communities, and if there are any well-off families trying to join this school district – which I feel like inevitably happens when a neighborhood gentrifies; if this area isn’t gentrifying, well, more power to them.

I’m thinking specifically of how all the yuppie white families in DC want to get their kids into Oyster Adams Bilingual or CentroNia/DC Bilingual PCS. (See the front page article here, “Too few Spanish speaking families live within Woodley boundaries”)

I think lower income families should get a preference. If you really want your kids to learn spanish, send them to a latino-owned family day care center in Petworth or Brightwood or somewhere out of your way that forces you to ride public transportation like the rest of us. Notice I didn’t say hire a latina nanny. I hate that shit.




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