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Another gem from Sociological Images, one of my favorite blogs. 

I would have never thought that someone would be video blogging about the cultural capital of hipsters. I think what it all boils down to is conspicuous consumption. Hipsters want others to be aware of their appropriations and cultural statements. Nerds and geeks don’t care if anyone outside their niche group does or doesn’t know what they are up to, and can enjoy what they are doing in the privacy of their own space without the need for approval, reaction, or judgement from anyone.

I think wearing a shirt with an ironic statement on it is hipster. Wearing something unironically… is nerdy. Like…. Thrift Shop is not a song for people who actually have to rely on thrift shops for clothing because they don’t have the luxury of “choosing” anything else. Wearing something from Goodwill because it’s all you can afford might classify you as one thing (not nerdy or geeky though, possibly out-of-place, especially if your social circle is one that values name brands precisely because they are out of reach) but wearing it to make a statement about consumerism, is “cool” and “trendy”.




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