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11 Amazing Food Advocacy Organizations

We believe that everyone has a right to access health and sustainable food. Unfortunately, our food and agriculture system in the United States does not always allow for the just production and distribution of healthy, sustainable food. Here is a list of 11 food advocacy organizations who are working to change that.

  1. Restaurant Opportunities Center United – A national organization that works to improve the wages and working conditions of food industry workers. ROC is active in research, policy work, employer engagement, membership and leadership development, and workplace justice campaigns.
  2. Coalition of Immokalee Workers – A grassroots community-based organization made up of mostly Mayan, Latino and Haitian immigrants working in low-wage food jobs aimed at improving conditions for farmworkers. First founded in 1993, CIW has organized a number of successful campaigns including its Anti-Slavery Campaign, the Campaign for Fair Food, and the Fair Food Program campaign.
  3. Live Real – A platform for young people to get involved with shaping the food system in the United States. Live Real is guided by belief in real justice and real health. Its current campaign for real food is Bring Healthy Back! community members pledge to eat real food for 30 days while sharing their experiences through social media.
  4. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition – The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is a DC based food advocacy membership organization that advocates for federal policy reform to support sustainable agriculture, food systems, natural resources and rural communities. NSAC is one of the most reliable resources on the development of sustainable ag policy in major food bills, particularly the Farm Bill.
  5. Food Democracy Now – A community of advocates who organize online and in person actions across the country aimed at building a sustainable food system that provides healthy food for families, maintains natural resources and supports farmers.
  6. Food and Water Watch – A non-profit organization that informs policymakers on and advocates policies that will ensure safe, accessible water and food. Food and Water Watch has 15 different offices across the country of policy researchers and communication experts who build campaigns and influence decisions in order to protect consumers.
  7. National Family Farm Coalition – A coalition of family farmers and rural groups who work on the grassroots and federal policy level to empower family farmers and ensure a safe, strong, and just food and farm system.
  8. Green for All – A national nonprofit based in Washington, DC and Oakland, CA focused on building green economy that can raise people out of poverty. Green for All’s food justice work includes supporting policies that promote healthy food and repairing the food system through green jobs promotion.
  9. Detroit Black Community Food Security Network – A coalition based in Detroit, MI that aims to build food security in black communities by influencing public policy, promoting urban agriculture, promoting healthy eating habits, facilitating collective action among members, and encouraging young people to engage in agriculture and other food related fields. DBCFSN will be celebrating its 7th anniversary at the end of the month!
  10. Rooted in Community – Rooted In Community (RIC) is a national network of youth and adults that encourages and empowers youth to take on leadership roles in their communities. RIC members are committed to developing a just food system through urban and rural agriculture, food security, and environmental justice initiatives. RIC holds a
  11. Food Chain Workers Alliance – The Food Chain Workers Alliance is a coalition worker-based organizations whose members plant, harvest, process, pack, transport, prepare, serve, and sell food, organizing to improve wages and working conditions for all workers along the food chain. They seek to build a more sustainable and just food system that addresses institutionalized racism, corporate control of the food system, and poor working conditions.

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