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7 Food Blogs or Sites That We Love

We enjoy reading other folks’ opinions about developments in U.S. food policy, new opportunities in sustainable agriculture, and advocacy efforts supporting food industry workers and food justice initiatives. Here’s a list of 7 blogs we visit regularly to stay updated on important food issues.

  1. Civil Eats – A source of writings by food advocates and activists who promote ideas supporting sustainable agriculture and food systems.
  2. Fooducate – A website created and maintained by dietitians  nutritionists and parents to provide accurate information (good and bad) about nutritional content of what we eat. Just use your mobile phone to scan UPC barcodes of food and let Fooducate do the rest!
  3. Grist – One of the most reliable environmental news and analysis sites out there. Grist’s environmental commentary often includes articles about the food industry and agriculture in the U.S.
  4. Appetite for Profit – Michele Simon, a food writer with years of experience, and author of Appetite for Profit, regularly updates her blog with opinions of the food industry’s role in perpetuating poor food habit.
  5. U.S. Food Policy – Parker Wilde’s personal blog about food policy in the United States. Wilde is a professor at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University.
  6. Hunger Incorporated – A blog and fundraising site managed by Andy Fisher, founder of the Community Food Security Coalition and longtime anti-hunger and food security advocate. Andy is writing a book about how corporations are benefiting from present state of hunger in the United States.
  7. Where Is My Milk From? – Find out where your milk comes from!

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